Serial Killer Informative Speech

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Imagine a small boy sitting in the grass, playing with his toys. Now imagine that same boy 20 years later, what is he doing? Working a nice job or raising a family? No, he is a serial killer and is serving a prison sentence. The man’s life can be compared to a car and its quality. The worse you treat a car; the more issues it will have down the road. You yourself should make the correct decisions while your young to better your chances for a successful future. I have watched numerous documentaries, researched, and read through many journal entries, so I will be able to inform you very well about serial killers and their past. I will be going over serial killers mental and psychological illness’s, child and physical abuse they went…show more content…
A year later, the children witnessed the aftermath of a very brutal beating of their mother by their father (subjects brother, personal communication, 2009).” Author Cassandra Simmons states in in the 2001 article "Antisocial Personality Disorder in Serial Killers" on page seven in the journal Justice Professional, “The uncaring relationship with the mother was often accompanied by lack of a male role model or, if one was present, he was usually a physically, sexually, and/or emotionally abusive father figure (Lester, 1995). For example, John Wayne Gacy’s father was a drunkard who was described as having a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality (Egger, 1998). Which translated into abuse on young Gacy.” This information is significant because it gives real life stories of serial killers and how they were abused as children. Some serial killers were neglected as children and it changed their personality. Using a report from a criminal case, T.D. Dogra states from the journal Omega:Journal of Death and Dying, on page eight of the article "A Psychological Profile of a Serial Killer: A Case Report" in 2012, “Loner, had no close friends since childhood, watches T.V only occasionally, claims to
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