Serial Killer Superstition

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Have you ever wondered what would posses someone to want to kill? A serial killer is one who kills three or more people for their own abnormal sadistic purposes. Studies show that that the killer’s childhood affect how they perform in adult society. Along with childhood upbringing, two other factors are sexual confusion/frustration, and their motivation to kill. Most of the time a serial killer has experience an event or a series of events which were traumatizing. Harsh punishment is a main contributing event in which a person of authority over them abuses them in some kind of way. The abuse can be physical or verbal but still has an equal effect. “While evidence has shown that not all victims of child abuse have grown up to be abusers as well, becoming criminals and murderers are a heightened risk”(Crime Traveler). This quote further elaborates that although, one had a traumatizing upbringing, it is rare to aspire to hurt others or even worse,…show more content…
They go through life being criticized by siblings and people around them and makes them feel even worse about themselves than they already do. Some children are even forced to dress up as the opposite sex as a form of humiliation and punishment. A male would be forced to wear a dress and makeup, and sometimes begin to identify as the opposite sex later on in life. “Sexual sadism is the perversion of erotic instinct in which the suffering of a victim not generally enjoyable but intensely arousing to the point of orgasm”(Sexual Sadism). A serial killer may seduce someone of similar sexuality and begin to have relations with them with intentions to hurt them, rather than love them. Although they participate in said activities, something within tells them that it is not right and blame the partner for their feelings and see violence as the answer to get
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