Serial Killers: A Psychological Analysis

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As we might think of a psychopath as being serial killers, this is not exactly true. Most of them have high-end jobs who wear suits and know the right things to say. In the film Dr. Robert Hare calls them "snakes in suits". These are not the people answering to orders, they are the ones receiving the answers or as one may say the one who calls the shots. The main points discussed in the film are how psychopath do not share the same emotions that we do, how dangerous they can be, and their ability to blend in with the rest of the world. Generally, psychopaths do not share the same emotions that we do and that is because they do not have any. They know how to fake emotion and act like they have known how it is to be sad or happy their whole lives…show more content…
shows and movies like Dexter or American Psycho. This, however, is just a stereotype considering that there are different types of psychopaths. But just because they do not all live up to these stereotypes does not mean they are not dangerous. One kind of psychopath that was mentioned in the film was the con. This is the person who tricks other into doing things by just simply talking and saying the right things. An example would be like Mark King from the movie The Other Woman. Mark is an embezzler; he steals money from companies that he owns. But if he were to get busted all the blame would land on his wife because he tricked her into signing papers and making her the CEO of all the companies. While it is not as dangerous as killing people it is still awful because they are risking someone 's…show more content…
In the film states that psychopaths have great communication skills, charisma, and visioning. This means that they more than likely have jobs in the business industry where I can be easier to hide who the truly. This is because most of the time they are either working behind their desk or having a business meeting where they can make themselves sound like a regular businessman. Also, psychopaths now all the right things to say as well as when and who to say it to. In the film, they are said to be like predators. They wait for the perfect time to go in on their prey. Some questions that I have after watching the film are what is the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath?, Can psychopaths be treated?, and What creates a psychopath? Is from traumatic events in their childhood or is it a type of chemical imbalance in their brain? The film is an eye opener because before I watched the film I would have never thought that the person standing next to me could be a psychopath. It makes we all need to be aware of the people we are surrounded by and make sure that we do not get stuck in the middle of something awful. We all need to look out for these people and make sure that we stay away from them because you never know where you might end

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