Serial Killers Case Study

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Natasha Ban
October 7, 2014
How do murderers adapt into serial killers?

Annotated Bibliography
Miller, Jacques-Alain.2012 Foreword to Serial Killers Psychiatry, Criminology, Responsibility by Francesca Biagi-Chai, Routledge.
This foreword to Biagi-Chai’s book talks about the ability for serial killers to blend in to the community and go undetected. It discusses the difference between a serial killer and a mass murderer / spree killer. It is explained that to be a serial killer you have to have a modus operandi, MO which is specific to him and evolves over time like a ‘signature’ or ‘visiting card’. A true serial killer only commits crimes for enjoyment. This foreword will be used in my essay to help describe the aspects of a true serial
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It addresses the legal issues at stake in findings of criminal responsibility. The finding of this introduction explains the criminal responsibility of serial killers and how difficult it is to put them behind bars. The introduction will be used in my essay to help explain the difference between mad serial killers and mentally-ill serial killers.
Biagi-Chai, Francesca. 2012. Serial Killers Psychiatry, Criminology, Responsibility. Routledge.
The main topic of this novel is the case study of Henri Desire Laundru. The novel explains the enigma of serial killers and how they can go from normal human to serial killer. It describes the way crimes occur without a crisis and without any detectable motive. I will use this novel in my essay to refer to the Laundru case study with regards to deteriorating into a serial killer.
Ramsland, Katherine. 2006. Inside the Minds of Serial Killers. Praeger
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Explains how citizens and surviving victims are the main things that help police capture serial killers in the modern day. The finding of this article shows that there are two sides to perception regarding criminal profiling and forensic science – the public’s and the law enforcement’s. Also typical criminal TV shows such as Criminal Minds, Law & Order, and Profiler often are inaccurate in describing criminal profiling. I will use this article for my essay to help explain the accurate description of criminal profiling and how police capture serial

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