Serial Killers In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet Final Essay
The story written by: William Shakespeare
This is why Romeo was a serial killer. Romeo and Juliet is a story of two lovers where they are both enemies, but they look past that and fall in love. While in the end, they both end up committing suicide. I think it is fair to say once your done reading the book you will think what I think. I think that this is not a story about love but instead a story about a serial killer.
The deaths of Romeo and Juliet are ultimately caused by Romeo and Juliet themselves. If Romeo would have known about the dual Mercutio wouldn't have died and then the plan of the friars could've gone accordingly. If Romeo would not have gone to the dance in the first place then he would have not fallen
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With his current average of kills, he could wipe out Verona including all the Capulets and all the Montagues. He is averaging more kills in those 4 days than most serial killers do in a year. Within a year or two he could wipe Verona off the map and make it a literal ghost town. If he would have been in the quarrel also he would have raised his average kills to a tremendous amount which could wipe out entire countries in 10 years. If Romeo didn't kill himself he would have kept killing until all the Capulets are dead then he would start blaming his family for it then start killing them. When all the Montagues were dead he would start killing randomly until being caught and killed. The quote “Romeo, the love I bear thee can afford. No better team than this: thou art a villain.” , says Tybalt. Now what Tybalt is telling us is that Romeo has killed before but has only been sentenced to be a villain and not to death. So not only has he killed before he has bribed the judge of his real sentence. From the scenes, we don't see he would probably be off upping his kills per day always getting away with it.
This is why I believe that Romeo and Juliet is not in fact a love story at all. Shown from the math above and the proof it is fair to say that Romeo is a serial killer. He isn't just any ordinary serial killer though he is the best at his job killing 1 person every 0.8 days. Not only is he a serial killer but he made up a mastermind plan to “fall in love” with Juliet and then make a plan to kill some more people, and when he was getting close to being caught he killed himself never to be interrogated. In the end, Romeo got away with more kills in 4 days than any other serial killer in the
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