Serial Killers: Manson V. Charles Manson

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Charles Manson is a serial killer that was put in prison. He killed 35 people that did nothing to him. Do you think he should be executed? Amendment 8 of the Constitution states that he can not be executed, therefore he will continue to live in a prison where he gets 3 hot meals a day, a comfortable cot to sleep on, free time outside, and possibly television. I think amendment 8 should be changed from no cruel and unusual punishment to, a person shall be punished how the court see´s fit. Here is my case.

If a murderer or a rapist is caught for their crime then they go to prison for a long time, you think that is bad. But really they are getting everything that a middle class American gets (they work, prisoners do not). If a murderer or a rapist is caught for their crime I think that they should have a punishment that fits the crime. You murder
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You go to prison for five years. That is fair because you stole someone 's money. You violated amendment 5. Case closed, that is a fair case, yes it has excessive bail, but the case is over, the guy is taken care of.

Lastly, If someone commits a crime such as a small robbery, they get 6 months of jail, that is not enough to get it in their heads that they shouldn 't do this again. If you change the 8th amendment then they can be charged with 2 years for a small robbery. That will get it in their heads that they should not do this again. That is the last reason I have for my case.

In conclusion, The 8th amendment is something that needs changed. It should say that ¨if someone commits a crime, an equal punishment shall be given in return.¨ I have three reasons to support my claim, one of which is the fact that criminals have to easy of a punishment. Another is that my version of the amendment is fair. My last one is that if someone is doing a small crime they get an even smaller punishment, so you need to up the punishment. That is my
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