Serial Killers: The Zodiac Killer

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Serial killers are like an ocean. It is so big, that human managed to discover only ten percent of it. It is so mysterious and scary at the same time. Serial killers are the same, especially knowing that they breathe the same air as us will just make us think that we should just lock ourselves up in our house and never go out anymore. For over centuries, serial killers have captured the public eye because of their so called “masterpiece work”. From Jack the Ripper to the ever handsomely psycho man, Ted Bundy, the horror and thrills that will send chills down your spine of how scary they kill people is just makes serial killer more popular. Society always misunderstood between a serial killer, a mass and also a spree murderer, claiming that…show more content…
The true definition of serial killing is that a person who murders numerous of victims at different time and goes off from one places to another with cooling-off periods of time in between the killing. In order for an individual to be label as a serial killer is that the FBI has stated it takes three cases of killing, they also define serial killers as a person who kills repeatedly (Davies, 2008). One of the most top serial killing cases of all the history of humankind is the infamous story of the Zodiac Killer happened in San Francisco in the late 1960’s. Although the zodiac killer had killed only five victims, the reason why he was famous is because after killing the victims he would send a hand written letter to an editor telling where and when he had commit the murder. Shooting and stabbing are the methods that were chosen by him to murder his victims. The number one question that had attracted the people of the world is that why the serial killers kills their victims? A serial killer has quite a number of motivations which led them to kill…show more content…
According to the book “The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers” by Harold Schechter, outstanding strong sex desires and sometimes including having sex intercourse with the dead has been found in murderers which has driven them in committing their serial killing. They might also start just from as a peeping tom which develops stronger lust into rape and eventually to murder. In one of serial killing cases, the brutal biting of the victim’s breast satisfied the killer thus swelling lust for control, domination and possession as well as his almost wild needs to inflict a physically damaging wound with instruments as intimate as his lips, tongue and teeth (Douglas, 1989; Keppel & Birnes, 1997). At times the presence of craving for power might also be one of the factor but it is just that sex is what’s dominant. The captivity activities has shown a real sense of control and a blast of superiority over the victims, as if the act of captivity itself was the objective correlative to the allegory of humiliating death that aroused the killer’s deepest sexual passions (Keppel & Birnes, 1997). The main reason to kill can be like what has been said which is because of the deepest sexual passions in the killer. In particular, by biting and mutilating the upper part of the breast, the killer caused pain and satisfied his needs for cutting, penetrating and invasion as well (Keppel & Birnes, 1997). Common
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