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The Serial podcast told a bizarre story of a high school senior, Adnan Masud Syed, who was convicted of allegedly murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. This 12 episodic saga showcased the criminal justice system process, from arrest to conviction. The serial podcast addressed multiple issues within the case and states that it was possible that Syed was wrongfully convicted. Adnan Syed, is a seventeen year old high school student, who may or may not have been wrongly convicted in 1999 of killing Hae Min Lee, Syed 's ex-girlfriend who was a senior at Baltimore County 's Woodlawn High School. Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee kept secret from their relationship a secret from their disapproving parents. When Lee broke it off, their friends had conflicting interpretations of Syed 's behavior: he was either cool with it, sad, or in a rage, leading some to believe that he conspired to kill her. Lee went missing in on the afternoon of January 13th, 1999, in Baltimore and Six weeks later, her body is discovered in Leakin Park. Serial 's goes over "follows up on long-dormant leads, rechecks alibis, and questions assumptions." During interrogation, it becomes clear that Adnan cannot seem to…show more content…
These inconsistences doesn’t make Adnan innocent there is problems with his story as well. An example of this is Adnan inability to remember where he was that afternoon. If he just repeating his daily routine he should have told police what he was doing. Throughout the investigation of Adnan, he has not given a clear story. In addition to Jay 's testimony, evidence against Adnan Syed included a palm print on a map that could not be dated, and cell phone records. It is possible that Syed asked Lee for a ride after school to get into her car and kill her. Koenig goes through all the evidence, including the prosecution 's timeline and "some stray things" that don 't add up, including a neighbor 's story, the testimony of Jay 's friend Jen, and the sequence of cell phone calls

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