Serial Podcast Response

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Serial podcast Response
To whom it may concern, In the article “The Backlash Against Serial -and Why It’s Wrong”, written by Conor Friedersdorf. The article is a discussion about the podcast Serial and whether it was right for the producer, Sarah Koenig, to report on a the case. Friedersdorf brings another viewpoint, given by Jay Caspian Kang. Friedersdorf does bring in other articles to challenge both Koenig’s and Kang’s thoughts on the podcast’s production and script. Kang challenged Koenig’s credibility to report on cultures she does not understand due to her whiteness. Friedersdorf goes back and forward on this idea throughout the article.
Friedersdorf starts off the article by listing his biases, which is a way for his to boost his ability to be trusted as a source. He likes to tells his audience about who he likes and what he likes about them, including the podcast Serial. He says that he was
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Friedersdorf then goes over one of the weak arguments that Kang had against Koenig was “she was talking about our communities, and, in large part, getting it wrong. (Friedersdorf)” His example was in episode two when Koenig goes into detail about the victim, Hae’s, diary; and her statement about what she thought the diary would be like which, in Kang’s opinion, was Koenig actually misunderstanding Hae’s culture. Friedersdorf says that it’s a weak example for Kang’s theory, but he clarifies that Kang never said that he knew what Koenig meant by her statement, but only the statement would raise questions with the
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