Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Hostile Hospital By Lemony Snicket

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Book: Series of unfortunate events: The Hostile Hospital (book 8) Author: Lemony Snicket Genre: Realistic Fiction/Adventure From chapters one to three, I made a couple of predictions. I think that Mr. Poe, the person whom the 3 Baudelaire siblings decided to contact for help, is not going to reply to the message from their telegram. In the message, they stated that they were accused of murdering someone when it wasn’t true, so they needed to acquire some help from Mr. Poe. I think this because in the other books from these series, Mr. Poe was in charge of taking care of their protection but never really did a good job. Frankly, the Baudelaires were quite annoyed that it was all due to his clumsiness and disbelief in the children’s remarkings. Since Mr. Poe was clumsy, he probably wouldn’t notice the telegram and would leave the children hanging, without even knowing it. If on the other hand he did, he wouldn’t believe the message and would leave the children alone, or even worse, in jail, for something they never did, but nevertheless were accused of doing. Although both are possible, it’s most likely that he just won’t…show more content…
I wonder why the hospital was placed in the middle of fields with nothing around it. Also, why was the hospital only half-constructed instead of fully built? One answer I could think of for the first question would be that the hospital might have been the first building to a city that was planned to be constructed, but abandoned, because the workers thought it would be too much work. They probably wanted to chose a place with lots of space for construction, without trees being in the way. This would make sense because it would answer the second question too. The workers or whoever was in charge of organizing the city gave up, therefore leaving an unfinished hospital in the middle of
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