Serious Leisure Pros And Cons

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Benefits and consequences of participating in serious leisure Optimal leisure lifestyle has a very high value in our society. Serious leisure is one major influence on leisure lifestyle. There are many benefits that come from participating in serious leisure such as development of a personal identity, improved physical health, and an improved level of wellness. There are also consequences due to participating in serious leisure activities. A few possible consequences of participating in serious leisure are the development of an identity crisis and obsessive passions for leisure activity, negative influences on perceived performance, and the loss of control over own future in the serious leisure activity due to top-down power dynamics in certain organizations. In many ways, the pros of participating in serious leisure outweigh the cons. A serious leisure pursuit is an activity that is highly substantial, interesting, and fulfilling for the individual participating in the activity. In some cases, those participating in a serious leisure pursuit may consider the activity for a future career possibility because it requires skill and knowledge to perform the activity (Veal, 2016). There are multiple health benefits from participating in a serious leisure…show more content…
A few examples of leisure needs are to be physically active, to be able to show self-expression, and to have fun. Leisure needs can be a dynamic concept meaning that an individual need can change and that it does not have to be the same need that must be met all of the time (Munusturlar & Argan, 2016). Different activities can fulfill leisure needs. For example, someone may have a leisure need that is to physically exert themselves in a sport and social environment, that person could participate in a number of leisure activities such as joining a running club, workout in a group, or participate in pickup sports

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