Sermon Analysis: Grounded Theory

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Grounded Theory approach for Sermon Analysis Introduction Sermon Analysis is an essential exercise to improve one’s preaching skill. It helps to evaluate communication skills as well as examine the interpretation and application of the text in respective context. There are many methods used by different homeliticians in different period of time. 1. Grounded Theory Grounded Theory has been effectively used in social research, in medical and health science, educational field, commercial research, political enquiry, psychological research and also in corporate world. It became a revolutionary in the field of qualitative analysis by offering ‘methodological consensus and systematic strategy’ for qualitative researchers. There are more than 3,650 journal articles and reports of research outcome published on the methodology itself , which proves its popularity as a choice of methodology. Grounded Theory is an inductive approach rather hypothesis testing deductively. In other words, It is a methodology seeking to create a theory from collected data, assuming that all data if collected scientifically, has a theory grounded in it. Grounded Theory is ‘the discovery of theory from data systematically obtained from social research’ 1.1 History Grounded Theory was developed by two sociologists namely Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss in the nursing school of University of California San Francisco in 1960, with an enquiry of the patients dying in the hospital. They used constant
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