Sermon On The Mount Purpose

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Explain the Purpose of The Sermon on the Mount and How It Relates to The Rest of Jesus’ Teachings The Sermon on the Mount may be considered as the fundamental principles upon which a believer’s life should be based. Many consider it as the greatest sermon ever preached. The purpose of this sermon was to leave each believer with a moral standard to abide by. Love was the basis of this standard, rather than legalistic law. The Sermon on the Mount in relation to Jesus’ other teachings is also quite significant. Many of His teachings and principles are intertwined into this portion of Scripture. The central theme of Matthew 's Gospel is the Kingdom of God. Matthew contains numerous accounts of Jesus ' teachings. The body of this Gospel is founded upon five long sermons that Jesus taught to His disciples and to the public. The materials included in this sermon can also be found in the Gospel of Luke, but they are dispersed throughout Luke instead of being clustered together. The Sermon on the Mount is the inaugurating of the Godly Kingdom. The Sermon on the Mount (Sermo in monte) was presented at the start of Jesus ' ministry and is the longest…show more content…
The Sermon on the Mount is a perfect portrait of Jesus’ character. He is the character after whom we as believers are to epitomize our lives. The Lord never wasted a single opportunity to teach the people about the values of the Kingdom of God, and neither should we. He had travelled from town to town in the region of Galilee, and had become very popular. Great crowds followed Him wherever He went and a sight of hungry hearts seeking either spiritual fulfilment or satisfactory fame were a common sight in His presence. As the crowds grew the Lord Jesus willingly sat down and taught them. He preached the Gospel to everyone who wanted to hear it and denied no one His knowledge or time. In the Sermon on the Mount He proposes that sharing the Gospel and being the salt of the earth is a responsibility of every
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