Serpico Chapter Summary

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Serpico, the New York City cop who couldn’t be bought by nobody. Serpico is a book that tells a story about a cop that works in New York, that wouldn’t take any brides from anybody and who had to deal with a very corrupt police department. There was a big gambling problem going on in New York and there was nothing being done about it so Serpico being such an honest cop decided he would try to get rid of the problem. In the following book report over Serpico, by Peter Maas, I will summarize the book’s contents and give my thoughts over the book. In Summary, Serpico first started to learn about the corruption in the New York Police Department when he was transferred to the plainclothes detail. Plainclothes detail was all about going after criminals committing crimes like gambling, prostitution, and drugs. Serpico first encountered Stanard which he learned about all the corruption centered around the gambling side of crime. Stanard told him about how he could make 800 dollars more a month if he wanted to. Stanard brought Serpico to a restaurant and went to the back, where they encountered a mob boss which was responsible for the big gambling problems going on in the city. Stanard introduced them to each other and said…show more content…
Overall my thoughts on the book was that Peter Maas told a really good story about an honest cop that didn’t care about the money that he could possibly make, but instead he just wanted to make New York a more peaceful and safer place free from corruption, and that is what we need more of today. The story can be looked at by people and realize that not all cops are corrupt, even when most of department is. The book could also inspire young people to join the force and try to make the country a more better place. Serpico overall, one of the better reads of a book I have
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