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Abstract This experiment was performed to determine the contraction of different serum proteins in the body and to examine and detect abnormal proteins in the body. While completing this lab, it is important to have knowledge that serum proteins separated often and using the agarose gel can detect the migration of the proteins. During this process, the components (proteins) will move at different rates. The purpose of this experiment was to detect the concentration of the four proteins and examine the serum table list to see if the proteins migrated toward the positive electrode. We had four proteins that were dissolved in the sample buffer which are: Cow serum, Serum albumin, Transferrin, and Gamma globulins. These serum proteins were separated by using agarose gel electrophoresis. This allowed the proteins to separate and the proteins may carry a charge that would be negative or positive while on the gel. After separation, the gel displayed that Transferrin traveled further due to the charge. Introduction There are three different cellular components that blood contains (erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets). Blood is essential to our body since it assists living cells and reinforces the tissues in our body. It also contains the nutrients from the food that we intake and process. The serum is a…show more content…
We added 50ml of the buffer into the flask, and we boiled the solution for two minutes in the microwave. The sample well was taped with table and par film to keep the agarose gel from leaking. I loaded the 15ul of the five serum proteins: Cow serum, Serum albumin, Transferrin and Gamma globulins. The electrophoresed gel was placed on the voltage machine at 110 volts for 1.5hours. We removed the gel from the sample well and place the Coomassie Blue stain. The gel was detained with vinegar by the professor. The next class period, we observed the sample well

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