Servant Leadership

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Servant Leadership during Natural Disasters
Servant leadership is a leader who displays ethical and caring behaviors. These leaders seek to enhance the growth of others while improving quality of life. The two main constructs of this leadership are ethical behavior and concern for subordinates. The characteristics embodied in this are stewardship, foresight, conceptualization, persuasion, building community, listening, empathy, awareness, commitment to growth of people and healing. When responding to natural disasters, a servant leader must possess all of these qualities to be effective. Natural disasters can happen at any time with or without warning. Hurricane Katrina was a disastrous event in which leaders faced ethical challenges
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Nagin was irate about the lack of help for the people of New Orleans. He displayed commitment to growth by fighting for the funding needed to help rebuild the community. He was trying to make things complete again by healing the community. When things calmed down after the storm and he was re-elected; he moved into a non-servant leader role by committing fraud, taking vacations, and being more concerned about himself then about the people of the city. Nagin is currently serving a 10-year sentence for the crimes he committed and the unethical behavior he displayed ("Swept Up In The Storm: Hurricane Katrina's Key Players, Then And Now", 2018). Although the leadership in the Louisiana government was lacking during/post Katrina, the leadership of the Mississippi government reacted differently. They were prepared and dedicated to recovery.
Government Leadership in Mississippi During/Post
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The two main constructs ethical behavior and concern for subordinates describes everything that a leader should embody at all times. During natural disasters, this proves to be even truer. All ten of the characteristics of servant leadership are important. Lt. Col. Marc Prymek, who is currently the 199th BSB Battalion Commander, was a young Captain commanding a transportation company out of Slidell, LA at the time Hurricane Katrina came through. He and his family were in an area affected by the storm. After he made sure his family was in a safe place, he went back to the unit to respond to the disaster. Because of the storm, communications were down throughout New Orleans and the surrounding

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