Servant Leadership: Mcmahone And Hardin-Baylor

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A Teachable Ethical Concept McMahone and Hardin-Baylor (2012) explore benefits of using a widely recognized a leadership style in organizations called servant leadership” to provide a systematic training approach that could help organizations to encourage ethical practices in their work environments. Keith (as cited in Spiro, 2011) believes that this style is about the focus on identifying and meeting needs of others in the organization, instead of the focusing self-interests and maximizing individual benefits of leaders like power, fame, and wealth. Spiro (2011) highlights that becoming a servant leader require developing the habits 1. build this style of leadership into the founding organizational values of. 2. recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses and their impact 3. Developing a flatter organizational structure 4. listening to the people around well. 5. dealing with various stakeholders appropriately including employees, customer, or supplier. McMahone and Hardin-Baylor (2012) believe that the servant leadership can be used as a concept a teachable ethical concept to individuals and organizations as well. In their study, they examine advantages of using the approach to…show more content…
To get the effectiveness of in attaining its goals with regard of ethics in workplace, McMahone (2012) emphasizes the need to have an evaluation techniques for level of effectiveness. Wright (2013) highlights that it is necessary to have leaders to act as roles models to guide their followers. But that is easier to be said than done it might be a real challenge in reality. It is needed to give leaders tools and techniques to guide with the complex challenge of ethics. Therefore, it is not for just taking courses about ethics, it requires continuum learning and development to reinforce skills and ethical
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