Servant Leadership Principles

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Servant Leadership and the Greater Good
Servant Leadership Principles
“The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit” (Southwest Airlines Mission Statement) ("Southwest Airlines," 2018).
Southwest Airlines have been a role model for servant leadership, over the years the company has developed a bond of trust and respect. The company uses the principles of servant leadership that has encouraged collaboration, trust, listening, and empowerment. The company believe that empowering the employees to become leaders themselves has played a vital role in making Southwest one of the top companies to work for. Employing the principles of servant leadership have increased the potential of the company to deliver outstanding results for all its stakeholders. Southwest has posted profit for thirty-five consecutive years not only because of their business shrewdness but also the principles and philosophy they
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In the current competitive business environment, a major challenge that can be faced by an organization which follows the principles of servant leadership is the commitment to its employees, that is hiring the best and retaining them. In the case of Southwest, the company have invested greatly in cross training employees so that employees can chose their career according to their aptitude. For instance, cabin crews have taken the post of cabin design engineers. The company believes that when its employees are treated with trust and respect, it can reflect on how the employees treat their customers. This have been a great advantage for Southwest throughout the years when other airlines were
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