Servant Leadership Reflection

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Part C Reflection of Journal Article Change is a process that happens within organisations globally, although at times change could be for the better, employees resist, remain fearful (Burnes, 2017) and not always readily embrace change. This could ultimately be perceived in a negative or positive manner. It all comes down to the Emotional Intelligence coupled with servant leadership as whether it will prove to be successful or not. The concept of servant leadership focuses on fulfilling the needs of the employees, it is a different type of leadership in comparison to other leadership styles, servant leadership is intended to inspire leaders into a more caring and serving leadership role rather than a controlling one (Greenleaf, 1998).…show more content…
For an example, the organisation where I am employed were providing a service for refugees and asylum seekers on Naru. Towards the end of our project, our CEO in consultation with the Executive team announced that our organisation would not be seeking a further term contract to deliver our service in Naru from the Turnbull Government. In turn, this was to add pressure on the Government to make a conscious decision to find a solution on how and where they were going to resettle the asylum seekers and…show more content…
This is important as unlike Transformational Leadership (Bass and Riggio, 2006), where a leader focuses on the team, servant leadership focuses on an individual’s improvement. In servant leadership, it is the servant who puts the needs of the followers, employees and the community first (Greenleaf, 2002). The servant leader is the one who listens, who demonstrates a connection with followers, furthermore who always encourages participation and above all values input from employees. In

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