Servant Of Two Masters

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Servant of Two Masters is a comedy play by Carlo Goldoni in 1746. The play was originally written in request of actor Antonio Sacco, who is known to be the great Truffaldino’s in history. His earliest drafts had sections that were reserved for improvisation, but was revised in 1753 in the version that exists today. The play draws on the tradition of the early Italian commedia dell 'arte. Act One begins in Venice where Clarice, daughter of Pantolone, is betrothed to Silvio, the son of Doctor Lombardi. Brighella, the local innkeeper, witnesses the occasion, but gets interrupted by the arrival of the servant Truffaldino. Truffaldino announces that his master, Federigo Rasponi of Turin, is waiting downstairs to pay his respects to Pantalone. Everyone is shocked at this point, since he was reported dead after a duel in Turin with Florindo. Federigo was originally betrothed to Clarice before Silvio. Truffaldino is confused…show more content…
Lastly Act Three begins in Brighella’s inn, where Truffaldino is at work on his masters’ trunks, taking out clothes to air them. Unfortunately, he has no idea which trunk belongs to whom, and gets them mixed up; thus, when Florindo finds a portrait of himself, which he had given to Beatrice, in the pocket of his own coat, Truffaldino is forced to invent a tragic tale to the effect that his former master Federigo (Beatrice), had died and willed it to him. Florindo grieves as he retreats to his room, Beatrice arrives with Pantalone, and a further mix-up ensues when Beatrice asks for her account book and Truffaldino gives her Florindo’s by mistake. Inside it are letters she had written to Florindo, and Truffaldino makes up yet another tragic tale, this time the death of Florindo and the cause of death was drowning. Beatrice, heartbroken, grieves the death of her lover, at which point Pantalone and Truffaldino realize that Beatrice is not in fact Federigo, but his sister. Pantalone immediately goes home to inform Clarice that she is now free to
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