Server Side Factors

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Explain the user side and server side factors that influence the performance of a website
Factors on the user side.
Performance of speed is one of the main factors which influence the user for accessing the website. Users having slower download speed bandwidth take longer waiting time to load the complete web page which could cause frustration for the users. Videos, hyper-link and navigation are another major factor in a website with the slower bandwidth speed to load the files. These take extra additional loading time to open the files in the website and cause negative influence for the users.
Network connection types:
A network connection type is another factor which influences the performance of a website. There are several types …show more content…

It determines the data traffic can be handled by the web server and amount of data to be downloaded at one single time. For browsing of website, more bandwidth level will load website quicker and save the time for users and vice-versa with the low level of bandwidth.
Server side scripting:
Server side scripting is the technique used in website as HTML which executed on the server before website is passed to the users after requested by users. Through the server side scripting, server determine the action needed to be taken to complete the request by the client for hosting the website. In this case performance of server in relation with its speed will directly affect the clients to fulfil its request in the requested time.
There are two different types of scripting; they are server side scripting and client side scripting. Client-side scripting is the embedded code embedded on client web browser such as java script. Client side scripting only affect the performance of website to the particular clients whereas server side scripting will affect all the visitors who intend to visit particular website which is stored in particular

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