Serve's Capstone Project Reflection

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Just.Serve’s Capstone Project was a perfect way to conclude and summarize the lessons learned throughout this past semester. Concepts that were core to our learning, including inequality, privilege, advocacy, service, and service learning, were reinforced by both the research and group components of this project. Ultimately, this class and this project have left an enormous impression on how I perceive both service and advocacy and I would definitely recommend this program to others. Throughout my experience working on the Capstone Project, I learned how the Just.Serve lessons can be applied to becoming an empowering advocate by spreading a positive message. The focus of my project was racism. Immediately after being assigned this topic, I met with Marquis after our weekly class and set up a time to work on the project. Fast forward to our first meeting, and Marquis and I were already hard at work researching. During this process, we researched the different campus resources and global organizations that empower people and fight against the negative stigmas that surround certain races. Here, during our…show more content…
The experience of our mock Tunnel of Oppression was definitely a fun one. Seeing everyone’s different presentations showed the group’s creative side and also gave some insight on what everyone took away from the class. The latter only continued to show during our conversation after our viewing experience was over. I loved everyone’s input on what the Capstone taught them about service learning. I especially remember what Christian said about how the experience brought certain issues that aren’t given much attention to light. His project was on ableism, which isn’t given much spotlight by the community at large. Through teaching us to become advocates, Just.Serve has given us the ability to help others join the conversation and I think this project was a perfect note to end on in that
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