Service Delivery Factors That Influence Adherence (ART)

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2.4 Service Delivery Factors that Influence Adherence to ART

Positive health outcomes at times depend on the relationship between health workers and clients. There has to be effective communication with clients with respect to how treatment would be started. In the case of chronic diseases’ management, there has to be a friendly approach to clients to enable them accept treatment procedure and comply. If there is effective interaction between clients and health professionals, the former are able to openly declare their challenges in taking drugs, which enables appropriate measures to be initiated. The ability of clients to win the hearts of health workers have an effect on drug compliance and total health outcomes.
The study of Murphy et al., (2000) discovered that the relationship between clients and health providers was a significant influence on adherence to ART. Patients’ satisfaction with health care and quality of communication among clients and health providers was an important influence on adherence to
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The study revealed that the main barrier from the health service side was perceived quality of care provided. There were complaints of discrimination among staff which influenced perception of quality of care. For most respondents, discrimination at the point of service delivery was a major barrier to treatment of HIV and AIDS (Beattie & Bhattacharjee, 2009).
Cordial relationship between health professionals and clients requires considerable confidentiality and privacy. This may not always be forthcoming. The result is that clients do not have trust in the health workers and have fears of stigma if they open up. The assurance that health workers are trust-worthy plays a vital role in treatment compliance. If clients have doubts that health workers will not disclose information, they tend not to attend clinic regularly (Posse & Baltussen,

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