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2.3 Service design Service design has become a vital role in service marketing. With the rapid growth of the service business sector in terms of medical spas, distinguishing service offering is necessary to create a new experience for a customer and enhance value proposition. Service design therefore should be well planned. Ghosh S., Surjadjaja H., and Antony J. (2004) described service design characteristics as referring to the design of facilities, servers, equipment, and other resources needed to produce services. This includes blueprint of service systems, specifications, procedures, and policies. Service design usually starts with a concept or idea, followed by a design specification that will spell out how it works, how it looks and what it symbolizes. In support of this, decisions have to be made in respect of color, styling, durability, reliability, materials, cost of manufacture and so on. Design of a service, on the other hand, offers up a somewhat different challenge. Importantly, and in keeping with product design, there will still be tangible entities that need to be addressed, e.g., color, furnishings, equipment, lighting etc. However service, as you will have noted, is a process where people interact with the production and delivery of an experience. Service design, therefore, should encapsulate all aspects of that experience:…show more content…
the involvement of equipment ● The location of service consumption (e.g. a fixed single facility, multi- site, mobile) ● Employee skills/ behavior and degree of discretion ● The nature of the service process, e.g., standardized, customized ● The significance of procedures ● The nature and channels of communication ● The contribution of the physical evidence to service

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