Service Dog Benefits

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Did you know that there are approximately “387,000 service dogs being used in the U.S as of today” according to an article ( often are the main source of therapy for humans, Dogs are loyal and they often feel empathy dogs are the perfect consunler just less talkative and a little bit hairier. Dogs not only provide therapy , but they also protect and serve. I strongly believe that having a dog in your life can promote a happier and healthier life.

Having a dog will protect you in more ways than one, when its comes to service dogs they guide the blind and aid the disabled but dogs are used for much much more, not only are they used for forms of therapy they are also used to promote public goods, dogs can be used for the police force and also used for firefighters, even for military. Dogs have great noses which makes them a great candidate for search and rescue and also to protect U.S borders. Dogs can also save lives, dogs are used for special services that are
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Children with learning disabilities also can benefit from having a dog , they help the children by calming them and helping them get over the obstacle that they face and also helps children with disorders pay better attention. why wouldn 't you want a dog there are many benefits from having a dog however dogs require attention , they require responsibility and let 's face it dogs are cute and all but they often can be destructive.Just like babies dogs require attention and care, so if you 're on the go all the time then maybe a dog isn 't the animal for you.When it comes to dogs you just have to outweigh the pros and cons. Dogs are irreplaceable they have a special place in your heart that is reserved just for them, having a dog is such a good experience it teaches you compassion, and love which everyone

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