Service Dog Importance

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Service dogs everyday are constantly saving human lives in both the police force and in military branches. Whether it be sentry dogs in the military to bomb detection dogs in the police force, dogs are constantly saving lives or helping these forces get the job done to protect us. Service dogs should be able to continue to serve and help save lives throughout the military and police force. Dogs are not just saving lives in one position they are saving lives in both the military and police. Police dogs are very helpful when it comes to dealing with the criminals that the police force faces in today's world. There are many different types of dogs that serve in the police force that allow us to live in a safer world. For example there is the…show more content…
There's an advantage in using dogs in the military because they are fast, they can get into places a human can not, and the K-9’s scent and hearing are impeccable. These dogs were also used prior to the current wars that the United States are involved in today. The first time dogs were ever used in war was in the first world war,”during World War I both sides used tens of thousands of dogs as messengers” (Michael Paterniti 1). At this time they did not have radio transmission so these messenger dogs helped different units communicate with one another to stay on the same page and warn others about what the enemy was doing.”In Vietnam an estimated 4,000 canines were used to lead jungle patrols, by doing so saving numerous lives, nevertheless, the military decided to leave many behind when the U.S. pulled out” (Michael Paterniti 1). These dogs helped soldiers maneuver through the forests that they were unfamiliar to, thanks to their great sense of smell and amazing hearing they could find their way through the woods easily. Many dogs are currently being used in the military…show more content…
Yes police dogs and military dogs may be shot in the line of duty. Also they do not know the risks of their service, but think about all the dogs are in service and how they now owners that take care of them. They could easily be forgotten and abandoned being left without a home. Their is not a moment where the officer is not with his canine “Police dogs live with their partners, a K-9 unit is a team that stays together 24 hours a day, seven days a week (Ed Grabianowski 6). Not only that, but canines save many human lives everyday trying to make a safer place in the community. Many people say that too many dogs are being used instead of humans and that they should be looked at as officers not equipment. Back to the other argument, people say they may be shot in the line of duty, yes they may that's the price they could possibly pay for serving. But officers pay the same price that they do, these dogs are not being used as equipment all these dogs have rightful owners that take care of them and provide them with a lovely home and treat them as another officer of the law. Even dogs that go to great risks in combat can even be awarded the medal of honor for their bravery. Last year in the Royal Malaysian Police force, “a sniffer dog from the K9 Unit of the Segamat police headquarters has been awarded the “Pingat Jasamu Dikenang” for its achievement in tracking down notorious gang members” (Bernama
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