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Well I wish I had a really great story, but I'll be honest I actually fell into this. I grew up with dogs We always had two or three Labradors running around. my dad actually had a disability he had polio when he was younger so he had difficulties getting around definitely had compromised mobility I can always remember I was the youngest and he always would say to me can you reach that can you go get that and it save me a few steps I never really thought anything of it I just did it I went off to college and was a psychology major and I finished all my course credit and I needed to do an internship and I was flipping through the internships and saw something about service dogs. I was like what the heck is a service dog I had no clue and I was researching it and happened to take my dog to the vet and walked into the group of golden retrievers and I was like what is going on here come to find out that the person that the person…show more content…
Some live in the community and take the dogs with them to their job everyday. No matter what the dogs are always seen once a week for a training class. Usually about 15 to 18 months they come back for advanced training and thats when we evaluate to see where their career paths should be, refine their training and begin the placement process. When they are placed with a veteran [the veteran] is given a two week training course so they can learn how to work with the service dog, our follow up process is pretty strict we follow the dogs pretty closely throughout their lifetimes to make sure it is a good

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