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Do you want to know who had created the Flag of the United states or when was it made? The Flag was created on June 4th, 1777. Also,Francis Hopkinson Was the one who had made the U.S. Flag. This is now a celebration to where the flag is going to be celebrate. This is going to mean all of the symbols of the flag and what the flag does to protect us from what is happening.

Betsy Ross had done many things for the flag. People say she has also made the United States Flag. But she really didn't. This was just a legend but still got credit for helping or as they call sewing the flag. In May 1776 three members came home to Betsy Ross and had asked her to sew the first National Flag. Betsy Ross did many flags for many years. She had also made one
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In the 1960s congress had chartered the blue star mothers of America as veterans service organization. In the War World ll they practiced displaying the service flag and became more widespread. The service flag could be displayed to honor the members serving the armed forces during the war period. In 1966 the department of Defense that was revised the specifications for the design. I never knew there was a gold star on the service flag. The gold star was added to the service flag and had taken honor and is placed over the blue star. The service flag is the official banner authorized by the department of defense by the families or the members that are serving or in the armed forces.

There is a day that the flag gets older and older. So every year we celebrate a day called Flag Day. The flag day lands on the 4th of July. There is a lot of things that had happened in the past on flag day. On the 14th of June George Balach planned an appropriate ceremonie for everyone to join him. On the flag day in chicago there was over 300,00 kids and adults that participated in the celebration. The adults had also participated in the patriotic programs. Colonial dames of America adopted the resolution requesting the mayor of philadelphia on the 25th of April

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