Service Learning And Service Reflection Paper

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Service Learning and Service Emphasis Week
My highs during SEW week first occurred to me when we first arrived in the orphanage and how the kids were cheering and hugging us as if we hadn’t seen each other for years, these kids never knew us but acted and trusted as like they did. One of my favorite moments I recall was when we (as a team) were playing with the kids, and just seeing them smile was enough to make our hearts pound with joy. We spent most of our time teaching them, and I remember them always getting my name right and they would call the rest of my friends “mzungu” meaning “whites”. No matter how much time we spent telling them it was wrong and repeating our names with them they never got it right! After a while we stopped trying
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It just takes a little attention and hard working to get to know someone and to trust each other. I learned this lesson during SEW week and it was amazing to see other people’s true colors and their identity being revealed. I also learned that team work is always better and important than individual or independent work, team work helps you finish work earlier and efficiently than independent does and trusting each other helps to build up a strong team. I in addition learned that you can’t get a perfect relationship with some of the kids because you don’t connect with them and put your prideness aside and blend in with them. When I tried talking to one of the girls, they said about their situation at home and how they ended up the place they are today and also about what they do after you graduate high school. What I got was that after they graduated high school they were dropped by on the streets to start a new life by themselves, which doesn’t always turn out well and some end up to be prostitutes and thieves. They only depend on people’s donation since the government doesn’t give them enough money for food and shelter plus only a few donate to them, so it is hard to keep feeding a million mouths while a billion more are waiting for their
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