Service Learning Culture

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Summary This article illustrates the importance of culture which Peter Vaill (1989) defines it as "a system of attitudes, actions, and artifacts that endures over time and operates to produce among its members a relatively unique common psychology" (p.147). In summary of this article, it emphasis the importance of accepting different cultures then ones own. Culture is an underlying construct of the way we express ourselves through interaction, performance, and on a social basis. However, in reference to service Learning the formation in creating healthy relations amongst others incorporate being accepting and open mined to those belonging of a different culture. This is important as frequently enough; “service-learning students often cross…show more content…
I also understand the importance of being accepting to different cultures especially within this role. The article has stressed upon the importance and clarified to me culture deals with a lot more then just traditions as it sums up our basis of self-identity, and incorporates itself within the way we preform, speak, and interact with those around us. In recognition to this, not always do we agree of those of another culture but we must never ostracize them. In other words, “service learners learn about problem-solving in social situations and appreciating cultural difference” (Kronick, Cunningham & Gourley,…show more content…
Firstly, I didn 't acquire the knowledge of complications that may go on during my service-learning placement such as a death. Secondly, I didn’t take into much account for cultural differences constructed in a child therefore this will need some adapting to. Next, I also didn 't really focus on how children’s family life may influence their actions in every day-to-day life at the school setting, just as we’ve witness in Malcolm’s case. Overall, I believe this article has influenced and shaped me in terms of my viewing on service learning as I will now be skeptical of unusual behavior and relate it to these given situations that were portrayed in the

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