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When I first saw the syllabus of this class, I was looking forward to doing the service learning project as I have only been to only one in the past. I believe that service learning is important as part of a quality college education because I believe that people learn best through experiences. Also, service learning is important as part of a quality college education because, during the service, there will be numerous opportunities for students to learn new things. For instance, I am a business major student but I know about the history of the Gold Park and the benefits of the plants there through the service learning project. Now, I also learn about the history of the Coast Salish Tribe and their culture. Doing service learning
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During the MLK National Day of Service, I went to the Gold Park and met the people of the Coast Salish Tribe and learned about why they called the Gold Park, Stolja Ali Place of Medicine Ethnobotanical Garden. There, I also met the Center for Service Learning team members such as Stewart Sinning, the Program Manager of the Center for Service Learning and Juliene Wall, the Center for Service Learning’s programmer. What I found interesting was how big the park actually is, the way the tribe members use the plants in the park as medication and their beliefs. On the day, when we were gathered around the fire, stories were told; stories about the “Changer.” After the service learning, I came home and looked into the stories about the Changer. The Changer is a Saanich mythological figures who uses his powers to change living things and landscapes to keep the balance of the world (Native). In addition to all the stories, I spent most pulling down the ivy off from the tree trunks and digging up a holly tree root with my one of my classmate. We vowed to dig up the big, deep root before we leave the park on that day and surprisingly, we were able to do…show more content…
- What tools do people in the olden days used for forming?
- How do people know which plant is harmful and/or edible?
After six hours of service learning, I am really glad that I had the opportunity to go on a service learning journey and get hands-on experiences. I leaned about a tribe I have never knew existed, their culture and how they use plants for medication. I had a chance to overcome my fear and at the same time, enjoy myself. In the future, I would definitely look out for more service learning

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