Service Learning Experience Paper

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I had the opportunity to spend my service learning hours with an amazing young lady by the name of Paige. Paige is 25 years old and has a twin brother and a younger brother who she recently lost to suicide. It affected her deeply and she now battles depression. Paige was born premature, 3 months before her due date and weighed in at a whopping .??ounces. From the gate Paige had complications and had open heart surgery at ?days old. Growing up Paige has had 17 surgeries on her legs, back and arms. Paige also has Cerebral Palsy. When first meeting Paige she comes across as a bit standoffish, she does not like to answer questions or start any conversations she like her comfort zone. Paige struggles with social anxiety so talking to people is a bit overwhelming for her and this may be why she tends to ignore people. Paige lives in a small town, has few friends and spend the majority of her time in her room. She does not have the opportunity to do many things so when we get together we plan to do as much as we possibly can. We planned our outings to include the things she wanted to do this trip. She loves the grocery store Winco so that was our first stop. She loaded up on candy it was nice to see that something as trivial as candy could make her so excited. It…show more content…
She even flirted with the cashier a little but her face went bright red. I hope she had as much fun with me as I did her. She even bought me a little thank you gift. I love spending time with Paige and wish we could spend a little more time together. We both have social anxiety and have kind of bonded over that. I want so bad to be able to volunteer my time to help others and at this time I struggle with it but I hope one day soon I will have the ability to volunteer. There are so many opportunities out there so this is a goal I am working towards but as for now i do my part behind the scenes such as donating
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