Service Learning Observation Essay

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Intellectual or development disabilities are characterized by significant limitations that cover a range of everyday social and practical skills. In additional, individuals with intellectual or development disabilities are also likely to have coexistent medical conditions than his/her disabilities (AAIDD, 2013). The campers in camp RAD represented a heterogeneous group of children with a large array of disabilities. The camp was structure to keep the campers to stay physically active, mentally challenge, and socially encouraged. The camp counselors were volunteers from various academic backgrounds such as occupational or physical therapy, exercise science, child and family development, etc. These counselors were very patience and consistent in interaction with their campers, showing their knowledge to best meet his/her camper’s needs. I had carried the thought of being born with intellectual or development disabilities would mean that the individual would be limited in what they could ever accomplished in life. Coming to camp RAD opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. There were stories of a shy autistic boy who “couldn’t wait to come to the camp to meet his counselor” or…show more content…
This can be achieved with the consensus of an array of stakeholders from the public health professionals, social workers, practitioner, parents, and all who care. I was encouraged to take part in helping the community by finding out where the opportunities exist. Everyone has skill to contribute, and it’s just a matter to find the right place. I am fortunate to be able to assist, for the first time, in the health fair offered annually to the community that my organization. Supporting others and being able to verbalize it seems as an amazing

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