The Importance Of Service Learning

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Can you imagine if we did not get to vote for the leader of our great nation, or if we did not help others in need? We would live in a sad place if this was the case. Service learning and civic responsibility are important in many ways. Our lives would be very different without these two concepts. In my eyes, service learning is hands on learning out in the community. The classroom teaches many things, but hands on activities are not one of them. Civic responsibility simply means the citizens duty. As citizens, we are all responsible for certain things that make our world a better place to live in. Service learning is defined as a “curriculum intervention that engages the community to supplement and enrich teaching and…show more content…
Service learning provides students with the opportunity unlike anything that could ever be taught in a classroom. The typical classroom session is like playing basketball without the ball. You can learn many things without the ball, like how to run the offense or how to play defense. On the other hand, some things you cannot learn without the ball are things like dribbling and shooting. Service learning is the ball in this situation. Once the ball gets thrown into the game, everything starts to come together. Service Learning opportunities are everywhere. According to Fisher, Sharp, and Bradley (2017), many instructors are hesitant to jump at the idea of service learning. Instructors are concerned about the time it takes to perform service learning. Without service learning proven to be effective, teachers would rather put their time to better…show more content…
If we break the word apart, civic has to do with the citizens and responsibility has to do with duty. Civic responsibility simply means the citizens duty. The cliché civic responsibility example is voting. Many people today do not think it is important to vote on election day. They feel as if their opinion does not matter. Everyone’s opinion matters. As long as you are of legal age and live in the United States of America, it is your civic responsibility as a citizen to vote on election day. Everyone from teachers to doctors to student athletes have civic responsibilities. In a study, Gayles, Rockenbach, and Davis (2012), are trying to figure out if student athletes feel as if certain civil responsibilities do not apply to them. The authors are questioning whether or not some student athletes think they are “too good” to participate in determined civic responsibilities. I think this idea is ridiculous. Just because a student is good at throwing a ball or running on a track, does not give them the right to neglect civic
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