Service Loyalty Case Study

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ANALYSIS OF SERVICE QUALITY, PERCEIVED VALUE AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TOWARDS CUSTOMER LOYALTY IN INSURANCE INDUSTRY – CASE STUDY OF PT. SYNERGY ADHI MANUNGGAL By Benedictus Widy Andhika 13110080 BACHELOR’S DEGREE in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND HUMANITIES SWISS GERMAN UNIVERSITY EduTown BSD City Tangerang 15339 Indonesia June 2015 STATEMENT BY THE AUTHOR I hereby declare that this thesis submission is my own work and do the best of my knowledge, it contains no materials previously published or written by another person, nor material which to substantial extent has been accepted for the award of any other degree or diploma at any educational institution, except where due acknowledgement…show more content…
It will analyze the customer behavior focusing on factors that are able to persuade customers more loyalty to PT. Synergy Adhi Manunggal and to create a great and better business performance of company as well as satisfying the customers. 1.7 Thesis Structure The author divides this thesis into 5 chapters and each chapter is consisting of: 1. Chapter 1: Introduction consists of background of the study, research problem, research questions, research objectives, scope and limitations and significance of study. 2. Chapter 2: Literature Review consists of framework of thinking, theory and definition and previous study that have a correlation with the topic of this thesis, study differences, research model and hypothesis. 3. Chapter 3: Research Methodology consists of type of study, unit analysis, population and sampling, type of data and collection method, variable operationalization and data analysis technique. 4. Chapter 4: Result and Discussion consists of brief company background of PT. Synergy Adhi Manunggal respondent profile / characteristic, analysis of research result and hypothesis result. 5. Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendation consists of conclusion result from the analysis and recommendation to the

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