Customer Satisfaction And Service Quality

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To evaluate customer satisfaction and service quality in a fast-food restaurant in India.

1 Introduction
1.1 Define Service Quality:

"Service quality is an engaged assessment that mirrors the client's view of particular measurements of service: unwavering quality, responsiveness, confirmation, Empathy, tangibles. Fulfilment, on other hand, is more comprehensive: it is impacted by view of service quality, item quality, and cost and in addition situational elements and individual elements.

"The creation of customer satisfaction can provide several benefits, including the relationship between companies and consumers are harmonious, providing a good basis for the purchase and re-creation of customer loyalty, and form a recommendation
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Therefore, the difference between customer expectations and perceptions of services delivered by service provider is service quality (Wang & Shieh, 2006). The relationship between expectation, perceived service quality and customer satisfaction have been evaluated by number of researchers (Zeithaml, et al, 1988). They found that, there is effective strong relationship between customer satisfaction and service quality (Parasuraman et al, 1985; 1988).

The higher level of perceived service quality results in increased customer satisfaction. When perceived service quality is less than expected service quality customer will dissatisfied (Lovelock & Wirtz, 2011).

According to the recent researches that there is a strong linkage between service quality dimensions and overall customer satisfaction (Palmer, 2001). Even definitive analysis too, service quality cannot be separated from the concept of customer satisfaction (Shah, 2012). Recent researches have shown that customer satisfaction have been influenced not only by perceptions of service quality but also by perceptions of product quality, and pricing factors as well as situational and personal (Zeithaml & Bitner, 2000).

1.2 The fast-food industry in
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Presently Service Industry is biggest developing territory of business in creating nations.
Amid the previous couple of decades consumer satisfaction have ended up real ranges of regard for analysts. Enhance service quality more noteworthy fulfilment and eventually build productivity. There must be diverse methodologies that can be utilized by restaurant’s proprietors as a part of request to draw in and hold clients and to pick up a supported upper hand. The food business is one of the administration situated organizations, which is extremely prominent in India too.

Quality of service is accepted as most important basic factor of customer satisfaction (Parasuraman et al., (1994) and the restaurants sector in this case is not exceptional. Service quality has been broadly used to evaluate the performance of restaurants among other restaurants (Cowling & Newman, 1995). The restaurant must realise the consumer will be loyal if they receive greater value than from competitors (Dawas & Swailes, 1999) and on other hand restaurant will get more profit if they are able to position themselves better than competitors within a specific market(Davies et

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