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Service quality has stood an importance for the foodservice and restaurant industry. It has been identified as one of the most effective means of building a competitive position and improving organizational performance. Service quality is a focused evaluation that reflects the customer’s perception of specific dimensions of service, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, Empathy, tangibles, satisfaction on other hand, is more inclusive, it is influenced by perceptions of service quality, product quality, and price as well as situational factors and personal factors.

Service quality affects customer satisfaction by providing performance. The findings of the present research indicate that overall seafood restaurant service
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Therefore it is necessary to enhance the performance of these restaurants to keep satisfied and loyal customers. Through the field survey, the researcher can conclude that many seafood restaurants in Oman are using different tools of marketing to promote their businesses. The price of both restaurants is reasonable and this refers to the type and quality level of service that both restaurants have.

The restaurant establishments provide different types of food with different tastes. There are many different seafood restaurants around Al-Seeb and many people prefer to eat seafood cuisine. Many people responded and said they have visited seafood restaurants and tasted different cuisine in Al-Seeb. The location adds to the choice of restaurants aside from the style of service and type of food. Those who have visited seafood restaurant in Al-Seeb chose these restaurants through word of mouth; the second most common resource of information was the internet, the questionnaire confirmed that when customers come to visit seafood restaurants they like the taste and the ingredients of seafood
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The results indicated that the seafood restaurants had higher significant differences with regard to responsiveness, assurance, and empathy dimensions of service quality. Therefore, the managers of these restaurants should improve their attributes of service quality in order to maintain optimal customer satisfaction.

In this study, it was apparent that to increase the overall service quality that influences customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, the most influential factors are the reliability dimension, and the attributes such as “accurate guest check,” “service is consistent,” and “food served exactly as customer orders.” Moreover, the dimensions of responsiveness, assurance, and empathy were significantly correlated with the overall service quality.

The dimension of responsiveness refers to willingness to help customers and provide prompt service, and the attributes such as “employees respond promptly to customer requests” and “employees provide quick service.” The dimension of assurance refers to the knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to inspire trust and confidence in the delivery of service, and the attributes such as “employees were well trained” and “employees are

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