Service Quality In Healthcare Sector

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The health care sector is emerging and rapidly converting in a competitive environment to satisfy the increasing need of the customer. Hospitals are vigorous and evolution oriented that provides medical service, helpful services, and supplementary services. Incorporating patient perception into quality assessment, incorporate patient centered care as a major concern in healthcare mission. Modern medicine has gradually understood and recognized patient's importance and their perception of health care (Asadi-Lari, Tamburini and Gray, 2004) [1].it is very important to measure and evaluate of service quality provided by hospitals. The concept of service quality refers to the comparison of perceived expectations with perceived performance of a specific…show more content…
It is spread in 196,063 geographic (sq. km). The literacy rate of Gujarat is 78.03. Taking a look at Gujarat population from 2011 to 2017 it has shifted 61.8 Million to 67.1 million in these six years. Gujarat is growing in terms of a number of hospitals, healthcare centers, beds and is continued to positive movements in future. The available infrastructure and easily available healthcare conveniences have improved to a health of the population of the state extraordinarily. Total no. of 1637 hospitals, 31,369 and doctor to patient ratio is 1:10. By the use of latest technical equipment efficient health insurance, major corporate venture and the service of highly practiced medical personnel, the Gujarat healthcare sector has set itself on a prospering. Gujarat offers holistic medical services and costs effective treatment through various public and private hospitals situated in district and sub district. The share of trust hospital care is higher than private hospital care. But private hospital care is continuously increasing as rising in the income level of the people and increasing adoption of health insurance. Trust and private hospitals are leading their strategies and redesign their health care quality of survival keeping patient centered…show more content…
Hospitals should deliver quality and ‘zero defect’ service to their customers.

Health State-The first and most pivotal domain of the patient perspective is the health state. Knowing and understanding the patient's health state allows one to understand the position from which the patient is coming because it will affect health-related quality of life and overall satisfaction with care.

Quality of life-patient-reported outcomes influenced by health state but also affected by other factors is the patient-reported health-related quality of life. An abundance of research has been done in relation to quality of life in emergency patients, its interconnected relationship with satisfaction. Better Quality of life and health state is achieved by greater satisfaction when expectations meet. It's a final report of the succession of quality of care while achieving patient satisfaction report and very important factor for elaborating health state more effectively. [26]

1.7 Customer’s
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