Service Quality In Tourism Industry

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Travel and Tourism is the largest service industry with huge growth in market. Tourism is the main source of income in many nations. Tourism industry is highly competitive. There are several factors to sustain as the best travel agency company in the industry. It is combination of composite services like attraction, transport, accommodation and entertainment which provide tourist satisfaction. Each service delivered by different service providers like hotel companies, airlines, travel agencies, etc. The tourist product can be analyzed in terms of its attraction, accessibility and accommodation. Among all the factors quality service is the most significant factor.

Quality in Tourism industry

Quality service is a tool for tourism companies
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Develop a vision, philosophy and goal.
To get a clear picture of your position in the competitive industry evaluate the following questions.. Why should customers choose you than others? What are the best features you can provide? Where will you stand in future in tourism market? Maintain clear strategy to reach goals and monitor them.
The concept of quality is explained in hospitality management as "the consistent delivery of products and guest services according to standards." Consumers intend to pay more if the hospitality services meets or exceeds their expectations. The level of quality service is an important factor in the experience that guests receive during their visits to lodging operations.
Importance of quality management
A quality service oriented company main aim is to retain the existing customer and encouraging new consumers. The features of quality in the hospitality industry that can be used to develop and implement a quality service system are the following:
Consider the guests being served.
Find out the customer needs.
Develop procedures to deliver what guests
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Be attentive and passionate about customer needs. Build a trustworthy relationship. This will result in customer loyalty and retention. Maintain feedback of customer service and stay open to suggestions.
The hospitality industry thrives on convenience. Commitment to customer satisfaction is essential ingredient for success. Offering high standards of convenience to customers is expanding in this competitive world.
The importance of customer service in hospitality originates from the principle that the customer needs to be treated with priority, and he should see value in what he gets. If a customer strongly believes he is getting value for the money he is paying, he will keep coming back. In contrary the customer will generate a negative feedback that obliterates the growth of business.


Organization need to understand service attributes that contribute to customer value and lead to satisfaction and

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