Service Quality Literature Review

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This chapter will assess the various theoretical bodies of knowledge and major theories on service quality operations as well as empirical literature review where the authoritative definitions of service quality, determinants, measurement and service quality at Batticaloa railways passenger service s will be reviewed. The sections will summaries the relationship between quality factors and Passenger satisfaction as establish in the review.

Service quality
According to Dr. Arash, his research about the service quality and has demonstrated the model of service quality gaps. Service firms like other organizations are realizing the significance of customer-centered philosophies and are turning to quality
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[4] According to Buluma, quality of service is the key element of the customer satisfaction and when the service quality increase then related industries profitability also increase. He said that service quality is intangible and it different from goods. Buluma also uses SERVQUAL method and he divided Service Quality dimensions as it relates to RVR has been divided into eight groups which are Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness Assurance, Empathy, Service Product, Service Delivery, and Social Responsibility. Service quality is significantly related to passenger satisfaction and therefore service quality dimensions implementation leads to passenger satisfaction.…show more content…
According to K. Ravichandran, B. Tamil Mani, S. Arun Kumar, S. Prabhakaran, This study shows that access in service quality of the banks can satisfy and access customer satisfaction which after a while absorb valued customers. SERVQUAL method, in particular, uses in this study to identify the quality factors. SERVQUAL is based on the perception gap among the accept service quality and the assume service quality and has been widely affiliated for describing customer perception of service quality. Originally 10 dimensions of service quality were proposed (reliability, responsiveness, competence, access, courtesy, communication, credibility, security, understanding the consumer, and tangibles). Later these were reduced to five (reliability, responsiveness, empathy, assurances, and tangibles) [7].The study certifies that the service quality portion in the given research on private banks was at most important level and the reverting on overall service quality listing out the different SERVQUAL factors which have a wide in all the scope of the SERVQUAL

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