Servility Under Totalitarianism In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Servility Under Totalitarianism- An Analysis of Animal Farm

Animal Farm written by George Orwell is a political fable style novel, and the story describes how animals in animal farm began to brew revolution, rise and final transformation”. The farm originally was hosted by a human being called Mr. Jones, who made oppression, resistance to animals and later was expelled by animals under the leadership of the the pigs. Animals here realized "the masters" desire, then the farm was renamed "animal farm" in order to adhere to the "all animal equality". After that, two leading pig power , of which one announced that the other party is a traitor. After gaining leadership, pigs wanted to have more powers and gradually made themselves be a new privileged class. The farm 's ideal is amended to "some animals are more equal than other animals", and the animals return to the former misery. In this essay, I will take three parts to talk about about the author and the topic.

Part I
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As a fable, Animal Farm happened in the Totalitarian world which was created by George Orwell. Totalitarianism means that social order is achieved entirely by political or state power, that private space is reduced to a state of almost non-existence, and that freedom is minimized according to Hannah Arendt . It means that all aspects of private and public life are contained in a one-size-fits-all process of domination. Totalitarianism is a new phenomenon of the present age and neither absolute rule nor authoritarianism can explain totalitarianism. Although all totalitarian systems are authoritarianism the absolute power of absolute rule refers to the power to be free from control and unfettered and to use power arbitrarily without restriction. The book is written to allude the later dis integration of the Soviet Union. The characters in this book symbolize the governors and his follows. From this story, I am going to talk about the cause of the ruin of the farm from two
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