Serving Food In George Ritzer's The Mcdonaldization Of Society

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The “McDonaldization” of Serving Food In George Ritzer 's text The McDonaldization of Society, he describes a platform that has been extraordinarily effective. It is the “success of the McDonald 's model that [has become] the process of McDonaldization” (The McDonald 's System 337). It is essentially the way which society has begun to reflect aspects of the McDonald 's process such as efficiency, predictability, control of uncertainty, calculabillity, as well as substitution of non-human for human technology. As a result of society become this way, various ways of life have become very efficient, technology based, and controlled. However, it has also caused some loss of normal life as well. The McDonaldization process has taken shape in our everyday world. In this particular essay, I will be focusing on how McDonaldization takes place in the serving process.…show more content…
The first feature which Ritzer discusses is efficiency. Essentially, it is described as “the optimal method from getting to one point to another” (337). It is a process that stresses the fastest method and the method that achieves the most results. In a setting of a server, the server 's goal is to visit as many tables as possible and meet the demands of as many clients as possible. It is a clear example of a highly efficient process where a server focuses on moving from point A to point B as quickly as possible and also attempting to meet the needs of as many clients as possible. A downside to this has been less focus on the client and more focus on obtaining as much efficiency as

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