Sethe And Slavery In Beloved By Toni Morrison

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Beloved, written by Toni Morrison, is of a former slave, Sethe, who is haunted by the memories of her life as a slave as well as the ghost of her dead daughter, whom Sethe murdered. Morrison, through the usage of intricate imagery, as well as symbolism shows us that the poignant effects that slavery have inflicted will always remain with the individual which will in turn, affect the people around them. Sethe, a central character of this novel, is a victim of the brutal and vicious acts that slavery has generated. From the start of her time at Sweet Home to the end of the novel, the memories she has gained have haunted her and have caused her to act in a way that many may question. While speaking to Paul D about her experiences at Sweet Home, they mention, “" 'They used cowhide on you? ' 'And they took my milk. ' 'They beat you and you was pregnant? ' 'And they took my milk’”(20). From the get-go, Sweet Home is not really “sweet,” rather, it was a dreadful and abominable place whereby the inhabitants were repeadetly striped of their identities along with being physically abused. The slaves of this plantation were often the victim of frequent measuring and experiments by their masters. The memories and experiences Sethe have accumulated throughout the years at Sweet Home have transformed her to become one that is afraid--afraid that the ones she loved the most, her precious children, will in turn, be a victim of slavery. While running away from her master, she ends up in
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