Sethe's Beloved

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Chapter 16 details a sense of when Sethe first arrived in 124. It exemplifies on her actions following her arrival. When schoolteacher arrived with his nephew Sethe was filled with fear. She panicked and thought killing her children would save them. She was willing to harm her own children to save them from going through what she did in slavery. In the woodshed they found the two brothers bleeding laying on the sawdust, and Sethe was carrying Beloved whose throat she had just cut with a saw.It was all for nothing though because the schoolteacher concluded they would all be worthless as slaves and left in disgust. Actions like these of Sethe make you question the sanity of some of those around you. Sethe assumed something and in the end harmed…show more content…
This to me depicted all the jealous spite they had towards her. They were willing to see her struggle and harmed again based off of pure jealousy. When Stamp Paid informed Paul D about what had happened he was in complete. Stamp Paid left out significant part out of the story. Maybe had he not left out some of those parts Paul D would’ve not been in denial. I think this because Paul D knows how Sethe would do anything to save her children even kill them so he’d actually believe the tragedy. Paul D finally confronts Sethe about her actions in chapter 18. This confrontation leads to a bigger disappointment of its own. Sethe tells Paul D the story and her reason all while pacing in circular motions. This to me is symbolic because he pacing in circular motions is probably the same way her mind was thinking when all this was occurring. Paul D completely is disgusted by Sethe’s actions. He described them as beastly. He responds to him saying that was the only way to save them from what I had to experience. Paul D leaves 124 disgusted, essentially leaving Sethe forever. These chapter I believe illustrated Sethe true personality. It showed her courage, and slight lack of compassion, but indeed it was all derived from her
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