Seton And The Wolf Essay

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This movie was based on myth and truth, but mostly how a man connected with his prey. Seton was a man hired in the late 1800s for a one thousand dollar fee to kill Lobo, “the king” of a wolf pack. The killing becomes a personal vendetta and a challenge that teaches Seton that the wolf is a smart creature. On the path to destroy, Seton learns many lessons that will extend to many Americans via his personal writings of his experience. As the movie states, it is a conflict of the hunter and the naturalist. This conflict still exists today, but this film humanized the wolf bringing a greater understanding and respect to animal. Looking at the interaction of the wolf with other breeds of animals, the wolf is a predator and will kill. Humans…show more content…
What proved to be Seton’s final success of capturing Lobo was Lobo’s mate. Blanca, named for her white coat, became Lobo’s mate. When studying population dynamics it was understood that the alfa wolf will leave his pack to stay with his mate. It was noted that Lobo stayed next to Blanca and Seton took note as a way to capture Lobo. It worked when Seton set traps and baited with a dead cow, he trapped Blanca. Lobo knew it was “suicide” to stay next to her, so he watched from afar as Seton killed his mate Blanca the following morning of the capture. Lobo mourned the loss of his mate and even came looking for her remains days after the killing. Seton now saw another chance to capture Lobo by setting one hundred and thirty traps and baiting them with the scent of Blanca. Again, this method worked and Seton trapped Lobo. Seton’s hunt was sitting quietly, looking over the valley and did not acknowledge the hunter. Seton was now aware of the spirit of a wolf, loving and loyal. He could not kill Lobo and had remorse for his behavior. He planned on taking Lobo back alive with his mate, Blanca. Lobo decided to die that night on his own terms and Seton placed him next to his
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