Setting And Themes In Elie Wiesel's Night

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You can get mood from settings and themes of a novel. Since, a setting tells you the placement and time period of the novel it may give you a certain feeling. Also, with theme it is an opinion of that novel which the author tries to portray ; these opinions make you feel a certain way. For example, in the novel Night the setting is during the Holocaust in Germany, mass slaughter of jews, which was a very sad time . So, the mood of this book may be very sad because of the setting during Holocaust. Also, one of the themes you could get from the novel Night was lost in faith. The whole reason why these people were being killed was because they were jewish. So, this developed the mood of sympathy for the the jews. These are ways you can get setting and theme from a novel.
The way you can get mood from setting is because setting tells you placement of the novel and that setting may make you imagine something positive or negative before reading. I say this because in certain books the setting may be a plantation in southern Mississippi . That setting may make you feel sad or mad before reading the novel since, slavery was such a tragic event in America. For example, in the novel Night the setting was in Germany during the Holocaust which, is very sad. Since, the Holocaust was a tragic event that happened in
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For example, in the novel Night a theme was lost in faith. This theme is sad because the whole reason the jews were there was because of their religion . Since this theme makes you sad that is a mood from the novel Night sad. Also, another theme you can get from Night was hatred. This theme is automatically in a way already a mood because the people during that time felt hatred and people who read this book felt hatred towards the jews for their ignorance and the Nazis for their arrogance . This is how you can use theme for get the mood of a
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