Setting In Al Capone Shines My Shoes

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In Al Capone Shines My Shoes, the main character, Moose or Matthew, lives on the Alcatraz Island, which is the first setting in the book. The second setting is where Moose’s sister, Natalie, goes to a school called Esther P. Marinoff. Moose and many of friends also have a secret tunnel which is the third important setting. The first important setting is Alcatraz Island, where most of the story takes place. One day, on the island, Moose receives a mystery letter found in his laundry and is curious to find who it came from. Later he receives another note with the same handwriting. When Moose’s dad bring him to visit Al Capone, Capone shows strong signs and is hinting at Moose that he is sending the notes. Moose also learns the Capone does his laundry. Al Capone asks Moose to give his visiting wife a yellow rose, if Moose doesn’t complete his task, someone will hurt Moose. This is how being on Alcatraz Island is important to the plot of the story.
The second important setting is where Moose’s sister goes to school, Esther P. Marinoff. This is important to the plot because Al Capone helped Mooses get his sister, Natalie, into the school. Although Moose doesn't know how Al Capone got his sister into the school, Capone wants a trade and send notes through Moose’s laundry, mentioned in the
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In the beginning of the book, Moose and his friend have a secret meeting tunnel in a large vent shaft. Here they are free to speak their mind without anyone listening in on them. This setting allows the reader to understand what the main characters are really thinking so you can get to know the character personally. The secret meeting tunnel is where Moose can tell his trusted friends that Capone is sending him notes. If an adult was to hear this and report it to the warden, Moose’s dad can be fired from his position as an officer on Alcatraz. The reader can understand how Moose feels about the problem because of the
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