Setting In John Updike's The A & P

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The setting of John Updike’s “The A&P” is critical to our understanding Sammy’s decision to quit his job. Although Lengel’s uncompromising squabble with the young girls may seem like the main cause of Sammy’s decision to quit, it in fact actually played a small role. After all Sammy is a 19 year old boy that lives with his parents that is getting near the stage in his life of becoming his own independent person. Under those circumstances, Sammy can’t afford to quit his job for no reason. The A&P’s boring and mundane setting is the antagonist and plays an equally important role as the protagonist Sammy in this story. As we look into Sammy’s perspective we will find out how it affects his state of mind, thus finding out the real reason to Sammy’s…show more content…
Not to mention that Lengel has “been a friend”(31) of Sammy’s parents for years, Lengel even tells Sammy “you don't want to do this to your Mom and Dad"(31) and Sammy agrees knowing the consequences of leaving the A&P. Regardless of the situation Sammy follows through with his actions and confidently vocalizes the words "Fiddle-de-doo.”(34) A saying of his grand-mother's knowing that she would have been pleased. Sammy’s inner circle consist of his family and his actions are a direct reflection of the way they raised him. In all honesty it seemed like the only thing holding him back from leaving the A&P were his parents. In conclusion Sammy views the A&P store in a rather negative way, and when you look at something in negative way it’s almost impossible to find anything positive about it. When looking at Sammy’s perspective the relationship of his parents and Lengel is what was holding him back from quitting. But because of the conflict that Lengel had with the young girls Sammy now has an excuse to tell his parents on why he quit his horrid job. Sammy took full opportunity of it and never looked
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