Setting In Kate Chopin's The Storm

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1. SETTING Setting is the locale or period in which the action takes place. Setting is divided into 3 different types, namely historical settings, geographical settings, and physical settings. a. Kate Chopin – The Storm In this short story, physical setting is majoring than the other kind of settings. There is no historical setting in this short story, only a description of the time when this story was published. Started from the small house where Calixta and Alcée cannot go anywhere. They was stucked in a small house which far from anywhere, because outside the storm was wandering. “The rain beat upon the low, shingled roof with a force and clatter that threatened to break an entrance and deluge them there. They were in the dining room—the sitting room—the general utility room. Adjoining was her bed room, with Bibi’s couch along side her own. The door stood open, and the room with its white, monumental bed, its closed shutters, looked dim and mysterious.” There was an incident between Calixta and Alcée in the little house, it was because of a condition where Calixta was very worried about her husband and her son in outside. Then Alcée tried to comfort and calm herself, until they both drifted and under control and made affair. “He leaves and stands at the window with a look that is so disturbed on him face up. He wiped the moisture-covered frame. It feels heavy hot. Alcée gets up and joins him in the window, looking over his shoulder…” “Calixta put her hands to her
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