Settlers In Canada Essay

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The map I created is titled “The Settlers in Canada between 1867 to 1920”. I also, want to point out that this is not an absolute representation for all ethnicities. I chose to represent the “majority” of the ethnicities living between 1867 and 1920. I decided to split my map into four sections with four different communities, which included Aboriginal, Asians and others, English and French. I chose to focus my map on ethnicities during 1867 and 1920 because in 1867 Canadas confederation happened. Gagnon (2017) helps support the illustration of my map because she talks about from 1867 to 1914, opened for mass settlement and became home to millions of immigrant settlers. Also, having parents who immigrated from Pakistan in the late 70’s allowed me to think back to confederation. I wanted to know what were most ethnicities during Canadas confederation time and why? I wanted to acknowledge, but find out what were major communities? Who was welcome to Canada? I wanted to know the difference between different time periods such as 1860’s to…show more content…
I would allow students to remap Canada related to identity. Student’s will be able to build on their own family background, ethnic groups, family experience, food etc. I would provide students with my example, but also encourage students imagine Canada how they see it. However, I would urge students to use primary and secondary sources to back up their argument. Bahbahani & Hyun (2008) argue “major step in embedding geographical thinking resides in making the curriculum problematic so that the study of geography is more a matter of challenges to thin through than it is information to be remembered” (p.3). As a future educator, this quote dictates that the curriculum is broad, which means we can challenge and push our students thinking further. My gaol would be to encourage students to rethink about maps created and the communities that it
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